Mathraki Island: a heavenly place

Discover Paradise on Earth...

Let the Ocean Sounds clear your mind..

Wake up in the morning to enjoy the Ocean and its view...

No cars, No distractions...

Just you, the sun, the sea and the ones you love...


We want you to enjoy your summer!

Your Private Island

This is the 1st package out of 3

It doesn't matter what time you are going to wake up in the morning! You are on summer vacation!

However, your own free umbrella and sunbed are going to be waiting for you on the Beach everyday!

10 meters away from your room, you are able to enjoy the beach, the sun and the summer, with no distractions at all!! After all you are on vacation in a Greek island.


Refreshments & Snacks

This is the 2nd package out of 3

Thirsty or Hungry while at the Beach?

You get 10% discount from Coffees, Refreshments and Snacks ordered from the Restaurant while at the Beach!! After all this is paradise, you must enjoy yourself!

The offer is only available for our Guests, here in Corfu Paradise - Mathraki island.


Boat Services

This is the 3rd package out of 3

We own 2 boats, one for 5 people and one for 15 people. If you and your friends need to be transfered across the sea, to Corfu island or back to Mathraki, you get 10% discount! Summer in Greece is unique!

The offer is only available for our Guests, here in Corfu Paradise - Mathraki island.


The Rooms

Luxury in your Private Island of Mathraki.

We pay attention to detail. And we have made our rooms Luxurious for you to enjoy your summer vacation on Mathraki island.

  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • 24-Hour Hot Water
  • Free Internet Access
  • TV / Laundry Services
  • Air Conditioning

All rooms in Corfu Paradise / Mathraki, have their own porch with chairs and table, and all rooms are 10 meters away from the Sea.



Here are some testimonials sent by our customers.

We had the best Summer Holidays in Corfu Paradise - Mathraki island. My family had a blast in Mathraki, plus the Rooms where everything we could ever ask for. Definitely suggesting the place
Michael Collin, 38 years old, from Colombus, OH
Prices were perfect, weather fantastic and people lovely!! We are going back for sure! We didn't need the car on the island, because the whole island is walkable. It was truly Paradise!!
Laura Penini, 28 years old, from Italy
Mathraki is the best place for vacation! It is so true, that is a small paradise on earth. We had plenty of hiking and exploring there! Corfu island is near as well, so a Boat ride is always an option!
Danny, 22 years old, from Amsterdam


Mathraki is an island located next to Corfu. Paradise is Here!

Mathraki is the Southest and smallest in extend (3.1 Km) of the three "Diapontia" Greek islands. Only 4 nautical miles from cape Arrilas in Corfu.


Find out more about the history of Mathraki!

The first depositions of people living in “Diapontia” islands begin from the Middle Ages, however there is no mention of permanent residents until the 17th century .

The Beaches

Discover all paradise beaches on the island..

Mathraki Island is famous for its 2 kilometres long ribbon of sandy beach, with intermittent rock shade, stretching the length of the east side of the island.

The People

These polite people are here to ensure you'll have a great stay!

Mathraki Island’s visible population of 30-40 residents is the portal to a diaspora of perhaps 1,000 further citizens, of several generations, in New York